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This Website is designed to assist you in finding people in County Jails. If you have any questions regarding someone location in any Southern California county please fill in the contact form or call us at 714-868-8484.

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To locate an being housed at at a Orange County Jail or Detention Center, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Defendant’s First Name
  • Defendant’s Last Name
  • Date of Birth

If you or someone you know has a warrant out for their arrest, it is urgent that you act immediately to avoid an arrest with your local law enforcement agency. We can provide you with misdemeanor warrant information by providing your First name, Defendant’s First Name, Defendant’s Last Name, SPN or Date of Birth.

The Inmate Search Central specializes in providing inmate information for every county jail within Orange County and the surrounding areas. Our law firm representatives can get you the information that you need within minutes. All we need is the defendants full name or last name and date of birth. 

Central JailSanta Ana714 647-4666
Anaheim JailAnaheim714 765-1900
Buena Park JailBuena Park714 562-3939
Costa Mesa JailCosta Mesa714 754-5113
Cypress JailCypress714 229-6652
Fullerton JailFullerton714 738-6722
HB JailHB714 536-5691
Irvine City JailIrvine949 724-7000
James Musick FacilityIrvine949 855-2612
La Habra JailLa Habra562 905-9750
La Palma JailLa Palma714 523-4552
Laguna Beach JailLaguna Beach949 497-0701
Newport Beach JailNewport Beach949-644-3672
Santa Ana JailSanta Ana714 245-8100
Theo Lacy FacilityOrange714 935-6940
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1 Percent Bail Bonds Near Me

New Era Bail Bonds: Offering Affordable 1% Bail Bonds

Understanding the bail bonds process can be complex, particularly in a stressful situation. At New Era Bail Bonds, we’re here to simplify things for you. One of our signature offerings is the 1% bail bonds service. To put it simply, this means you would only need to pay 1% of the total bail amount set by the court. But, let’s break it down further for better understanding.

Bail is the amount of money that the court asks for to release an individual from jail while they await their court date. This is a form of insurance to ensure the person returns to court as required. The amount varies depending on factors such as the severity of the charge, past criminal history, and risk of flight. For instance, if the court sets a bail at $50,000, it means that the full amount needs to be paid for the person to be released.

For many, coming up with the entire bail amount isn’t easy or feasible, and that’s where bail bonds come in. A bail bonds company, like New Era Bail Bonds, steps in to pay the full bail amount on behalf of the individual. In return, the individual or their family pays a fee to the bail bonds company. This fee is a percentage of the bail amount.

In most cases, this fee can range from 10% to 15%, but at New Era Bail Bonds, we offer 1% bail bonds. That means, for a bail amount set at $50,000, instead of paying $5,000 to $7,500 as a fee, you’d only have to pay $500 with our 1% bail bonds service. This can significantly reduce the financial burden during an already challenging time.

To further ease the burden, we offer easy payment plans. This means, you can pay the 1% fee in manageable amounts over a period of time. Our aim at New Era Bail Bonds is to ensure your loved ones get out of jail quickly, without causing financial distress.

We’ve been serving the communities in Santa Ana, Orange County, and beyond for over a decade, gaining the experience and knowledge to guide you through the bail bonds process with ease and transparency. Whether it’s a no collateral bail bond, a bail bond in Irvine, or a bail bond in Huntington Beach, we’re here to assist you.

Take advantage of our 1% bail bonds service and ensure your loved ones don’t spend unnecessary time in jail. Get in touch with New Era Bail Bonds today – because peace of mind shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag.

How The Bail Bonds Process Works

The bail bonds process in Orange County, CA, follows these steps:

  1. Arrest: The process begins when an individual is arrested and taken into custody. This might be due to a violation of law, an outstanding warrant, or a criminal charge.

  2. Booking: After arrest, the individual goes through a process called “booking”. This involves gathering information about the individual, including personal details, fingerprints, and a photograph. The charges against the individual are also formally recorded.

  3. Setting Bail: After booking, a judge will set a bail amount during the bail hearing. This is the amount that must be paid to the court for the individual to be released from jail pending trial. The bail amount varies based on the nature of the charges, past criminal history, and other factors.

  4. Contacting a Bail Bonds Agent: If the bail amount is too high to pay out of pocket, you can contact a bail bonds agent like New Era Bail Bonds. The agent will require some basic information about the individual in jail, including the jail location, booking number, and the bail amount.

  5. Bail Bonds Agreement: After getting the required information, the bail bonds agent will set up a bail bonds agreement. You’ll need to pay a fee, typically a percentage of the bail amount. At New Era Bail Bonds, we offer this service at a 1% rate, meaning you only pay 1% of the total bail amount.

  6. Posting Bail: Once the agreement is signed and the fee is paid, the bail bonds agent will post bail at the jail or detention facility. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to an entire day depending on the specific procedures of the jail or detention center.

  7. Release: Once bail has been posted, the individual is released from jail. It’s essential that they understand the conditions of their release, which include appearing at all court dates and adhering to any other conditions set by the court.

  8. Court Appearance: The individual must appear in court as scheduled. If they fail to do so, the bail bonds company may employ a bounty hunter to locate and return the individual to court. If the individual appears as required, the bail amount is returned to the bail bonds company once the case is concluded, and the bail bond is exonerated or cleared.

Remember, New Era Bail Bonds is there for you throughout this process, providing decades of experience, easy payment plans, and fair, transparent rates. We work tirelessly to ensure you or your loved one spends the minimum amount of time in jail. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your bail bonds needs in Orange County, CA.

What Do I Need To Bail A Loved One?

Posting bail for a loved one requires careful navigation through a complicated legal process. It can be confusing, particularly for those who haven’t had to deal with the criminal justice system before. But rest assured, with the right preparation and a dedicated team like New Era Bail Bonds at your side, you can help your loved one get through this challenging time. Let’s explore the necessary items you’ll need to facilitate the process.

  • Income Verification Documentation: Posting bail often involves a substantial amount of money, and it’s critical for the bail bond company to ensure that you can pay the bail bond fee. Your income verification documentation, such as recent pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns, will help establish your financial capacity to cover the bail bond fee. At New Era Bail Bonds, we offer payment plans, including 1 percent and 2 percent plans, to make the bail process more manageable and affordable.
  • Proof of Residency: Proof of residency is another important requirement when posting bail. This can be a utility bill, lease agreement, or any official document with your name and residential address on it. This helps the bail bond company to confirm your stability and likelihood to appear in court as needed.
  • Cash or Other Payment Method: Bail bonds companies accept various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, checks, and even collateral in some cases. Make sure you have your preferred payment method ready. At New Era Bail Bonds, we offer various finance options for bail bonds to cater to our clients’ unique financial situations.
  • State Identification Card, Driver’s License, or Passport: You’ll also need to present a valid form of identification. This could be a state ID card, driver’s license, or passport. The bail bond company needs this to confirm your identity and to complete the necessary paperwork.

Navigating through the bail bonds process doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and the assistance of a dedicated and experienced bail bonds company like New Era Bail Bonds, you can expedite the process and secure the release of your loved one from jail. We’re ready to assist you throughout this journey. With our transparent rates and professional bail bondsmen, we’ll help lead you through the process and get your loved one home. Contact us today to get started.

The Most Common Offenses in Orange County, CA

In Orange County, California, several offenses are commonly encountered by law enforcement officers. Here are some of the most common offenses along with their respective penal codes, and how New Era Bail Bonds can assist with bail in each case:

  • PC 484(a) – Petty Theft: This code refers to the theft of property valued at $950 or less. If your loved one is charged with petty theft, we can help by promptly posting bail and ensuring their release from jail as quickly as possible.

  • PC 488 – Shoplifting: Shoplifting involves entering a commercial establishment during business hours with the intent to steal. Bail can be set high even for this misdemeanor, but with our flexible payment plans, we can make the cost more manageable.

  • PC 459 – Burglary: This involves entering a structure with the intent to commit theft or a felony. Burglary charges can be serious, but we have decades of experience in helping clients secure bail in such cases.

  • PC 273.5 – Domestic Violence: This penal code refers to willfully inflicting physical injury on a current or former spouse, cohabitant, or co-parent. We understand the seriousness and sensitivity of domestic violence charges, and we provide discreet, professional services to secure bail.

  • PC 23152(a) – DUI: This code is for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI charges can be especially tricky, but our bondsmen are trained to handle these cases efficiently and confidentially.

  • PC 11350 – Drug Possession: This penal code refers to the unlawful possession of controlled substances. Regardless of the substance involved, we can help you navigate through the bail process for drug possession charges.

  • PC 243(e)(1) – Battery on a Spouse or Co-Inhabitant: This offense involves the unlawful touching or striking of a spouse, partner, or person living in the same home. We handle such cases with the utmost respect and confidentiality to ensure your loved one’s swift release.

At New Era Bail Bonds, we’re equipped to handle bail for all types of offenses. We are committed to helping our clients navigate through the bail bonds process, providing support every step of the way, regardless of the charge. With our experienced bondsmen and state-wide network, we’re ready to assist you and your loved ones. Contact us today – we’re here to help.

Other Areas We Service

At New Era Bail Bonds, we proudly offer our comprehensive bail bonds services in a multitude of regions throughout California. Our team of seasoned bail agents is ready to assist you in securing bail swiftly, ensuring that your loved one spends as little time as possible in jail. Below are some of the key areas we service:

  • Orange County Bail Bonds: Known for its vibrant cities and coastal beauty, Orange County is one of our principal areas of service. Whether you’re in Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, or Irvine, our bondsmen are always prepared to provide swift and professional assistance.

  • San Bernardino County: Our team is also highly experienced in navigating the bail bonds process in San Bernardino County. From the county seat of San Bernardino to the busy city of Fontana, we have got you covered.

  • Riverside County Bail Bonds: In Riverside County, we offer reliable and responsive bail bonds services. We understand the complexities of the local judicial system and are ready to help residents in cities like Riverside and Moreno Valley.

  • Ventura County: Our extensive network extends to Ventura County. We’re well-equipped to offer prompt and efficient bail bonds services in cities like Ventura and Oxnard.

  • San Diego County: We have decades of experience in providing bail bonds in San Diego County. From the bustling city of San Diego to the quiet community of Encinitas, we have your bail needs covered.

  • Los Angeles County: We also cater to residents in Los Angeles County, offering our expert services in cities like Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Monica.

  • Alameda County: Our services extend up to Alameda County. We are prepared to provide bail bonds services in cities like Oakland and Alameda.

  • Santa Barbara County: From Santa Barbara to Santa Maria, our team is experienced in providing bail bonds services throughout Santa Barbara County.

  • San Antonio Bail Bonds: For those with loved ones in the San Antonio detention facilities, we offer dedicated bail bonds services.

  • Modesto Bail Bonds: We also offer our expert services in Modesto, ensuring quick and reliable assistance.

  • West Covina Bail Bonds: In the city of West Covina, we’re always ready to help you through the bail bonds process.

Whether you need help posting bail in San Bernardino, securing a jail release in Riverside, or navigating the bail schedule in Orange County, New Era Bail Bonds is your trusted partner. We understand that every county’s bail process might differ slightly, and we’re prepared to guide you through it. Contact us today for quick, reliable, and affordable bail bonds services.

About Santa Ana, CA

Welcome to Santa Ana, a vibrant city nestled in the heart of Orange County, California. Known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and dynamic art scene, Santa Ana is truly a city that has something for everyone.

Points of Interest

  • Bowers Museum: As Orange County’s largest museum, the Bowers Museum offers exhibits, lectures, art classes, travel programs, children’s art education programs, and other special community events.

  • Santa Ana Zoo: With a wide array of animals and botanical gardens, Santa Ana Zoo is a wonderful place for family outings.

  • Discovery Cube Orange County: This science museum is a perfect place to have fun while learning. It features interactive exhibits and hands-on science education activities.

Places to Eat

Places to Visit

  • Downtown Santa Ana: The historic heart of the city, filled with unique shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

  • The Artist Village: A thriving community of artists, students, and entrepreneurs. Visit during the monthly Artwalk for an unforgettable experience.

Santa Ana, CA, is not just known for its vibrant culture and delicious dining scene, but also for being the home base of New Era Bail Bonds. We are the leading provider of bail bonds in Santa Ana and the wider Orange County area, offering decades of experience, professional bondsmen, and fair, transparent rates. Whether you’re facing a challenging situation at the Santa Ana Jail or Santa Ana Courthouse, our team is ready to guide you through the bail bonds process. We understand that dealing with a loved one’s arrest is stressful, and we are here to make the process as smooth and quick as possible. For more information about our bail bonds services in Santa Ana, contact us today. Your peace of mind is just a phone call away.